Shocking Spoiler (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

Mihir is out of the jail as he is no more found guilty. Raman gets angry as he sees Mihir at his house and he starts beating him up. Mr.Bhalla slaps Raman to stop him. Mihika reveals that police have found the fingerprint of the murder on the gun and there are of female so Mihir can't be the murderer.

According to a news source there is a shocking twist in the murder mystery with Sarika being the murderer of Rinki. Rinki came to know that Rohit is not Romi's son and Sarika adopted him to get back in Romi's life. Sarika decided to kill her before she tells anyone. We will let you know soon if Sarika being murderer is true. All the female members will be suspected for Rinki's murder, Mihika's fingerprint will match the fingerprint on the gun which will bring huge storm in everyone's life.