OMG! Ishita to divorce Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Raman gets icecreams for everyone and gives them a party. Simmi is tensed as she has heard Raman and Shagun talking. Simmi visited the hospital and spots Raman with Shagun. She gets shocked knowing Shagun is bearing Raman’s child. She does not know how to tell this to Ishita. Simmi thinks Ishita will surely break Ishita’s trust on Raman. She does not know how to tell Ishita and limits the matter to herself for time being. If rumours are to be believed then when Ishita will find out about Raman and Ishita, she will decide to divorce Raman but she may stay back for Ruhi and Adi.

Will Ruhi be able to stop her parents from getting separated?

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