Ishita to break her relationship with Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Raman is continuously hurting Ishita's feelings by showing concern and care for Shagun. While Ishita is furious and heartbroken after she comes to know that Shagun is carrying Raman's baby, she is unaware of the full truth. Ishita decides to break her relationship with Raman and will no longer be his wife but only a mother to Ruhi and Adi. Ishita is frustrated and can't stand Raman betraying her anymore. Relationship of Raman and Ishita will go through tough phase while Shagun will continue to get closer to Raman. There is be highvoltage drama in the show as Ishita finds out about Shagun being pregnant with Raman's baby, and it will create a lot of tussle in her relationship with Raman.

We wonder if Ruhi will play a major role in reuniting her parents as she wouldn't bear Shagun being pregnant with Ishita's baby.

Will Ishita come to know about the full truth? Will she forgive Raman? Or will Raman realize his mistake of hurting Ishita with his behaviour?To know keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Our prediction on upcoming track:
According to us, Shagun have once again turned evil as she feel that she got a chance to redeem her relationship with Raman and get back what she lost years back. She is now surely playing her evil games to keep Raman closer to her. Probably now Shagun will use her pregnancy card to get back to the Bhalla house. Lets see if we are correct with our assumption and prediction.