Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler News

Ishita slaps Raman while it is raining heavily. Raman tries to convince Ishita for surrogacy. Ishita hugs him and cries being emotional. Raman is feeling guilty as Ishita has lost her baby and he couldn’t save their baby. He tells God that if he can snatch Ishita’s happiness, then he will return happiness to his wife. Ishita gets touched by his emotional side. later in morning, Ishita wants to teach a lesson to Raman. Ishita gets the wine instead of tea and sits infront of him to drink. Raman sees her and stops her. Ishita makes bad faces and asks Raman why does he drink much. She says we will drink together and make it a family thing. She wants to make Raman realize his drinking habit increasing. She is explaining him in his own language, that drinking is not right. Raman gets drunk and was about to meet with an accident. He reaches police station for drunken driving and Ishita brings him home. Ashok and Suraj have made Raman drink by taunting him about the baby. Ishita wants to explain Raman that she does not want baby, but just her family’s happiness.

It is reported that Raman will take Shagun's help for surrogacy without telling Ishita.
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