Shocking Twist in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

It is seen that Shikhar disguises as Chirag and comes in Ritika’s room on the wedding night.
Ritika blurts out the truth of murdering him in state of fright which Ranveer hears.
Ranveer too informs Ritika that he had used fake pandit to have a fake marriage.
This will infuriate Ritika to extreme levels and she will follow Ranveer with gun who will run after Ishani to stop her.

Ritika will follow Ranveer with gun

In the upcoming episode there will be a major drama as Ritika will threaten reunited Ranveer and Ishani.
Ritika will scream at Ishani to kill herself or she will shoot Ranveer.
What will Ishani do? Who will come for their rescue?

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