Raman helps Mihir for Shagun's sake in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman is heartbroken being unable to accept the fact that Mihir lied to him about his arrival in Delhi. Everyone suspect Mihir to be responsible for Rinki’s death. Raman beats up Mihir and tries seeking an answer. Ishita tries to know from Mihir. Mihir does not answer anyone and is taken by Abhishek for interrogation in police station. Shagun gets to know about this entire story. Surrogacy procedure with Shagun gets successful. Mihir lands in lockup. Shagun requests Raman to free Mihir from jail. She gets panicking and defends Mihir. Raman gets worried for Shagun’s health and does not know what to do. Raman didn't listen to Ishita regarding this matter but he will be seen helping Mihir get out of the jail because of Shagun's health. When Ishita comes to know that Raman listened to Shagun's plea but was angry with Ishita when she proposed the same thing, she will get heartbroken that Raman is getting closer to Shagun.

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