Nimisha accuses Ranveer for her molestation in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

The upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Ishani realizes Ranveer has some mental problems. Ishani takes Ranveer for check up and tells doctor that Ranveer used to forget things. Ranveer gets angry when Ishani forces him for the treatment.

Nimisha accuses Ranveer for her molestation

On the other hand, Ranveer has dark past and now Ishani tries to find about it because she cannot see him in any problem. Furthermore, Ranveer and Ishani get a big shock when wedding planner Nimisha accuses Ranveer for trying to molest her. Ranveer refuses for this as he does not remember anything. How will Ishani prove Ranveer innocence?