Pragya catches Tanu read handed in Kumkum Bhagya

The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhaya will show that Pragya decides to teach a lesson to Tanu.
Tanu is upset on thinking that if Pragya will take everything of Abhi then what will happen of her then she (Tanu) steals money from Mehra house.
Tanu is unaware of the fact that her act gets recorded in CCTV camera.
Abhi is shocked by both Tan uand Pragya’s act
Tanu decides to leave Abhi’s house but Pragya stops her and gives a tight slaps in front of Abhi and Dadi.
Pragya aks Tanu how she dared to steal in her house and threatens to expose her by this CCTV footage.
 Will Abhi stop Tanu leaving the house?
Will Pragya reveal to Abhi about Tanu’s pregnancy truth?