Ishita to teach Raman a lesson in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

As per current track, Ishita hide her pain and try to keep happy in front of Raman and family so that they won’t be week in such condition.

Raman felt sad that he can’t save ishita’s baby and blame himself for loosing their baby. Dr Manoj suggested surrogacy option to Raman for Ishita’s future pregnancy. But Ishita is not ready for surrogate baby.

Raman is in tension that how he will convince Ishita for surrogacy and in that tension he goes for drink to away from frustration.  IPS officer informs ishita about Raman’s condition that he is drunken state.

Then Ishita gets an idea to teach lesson to Raman, she comes with filter coffee and drink for both of them. She tells Raman that he enjoys drink and she takes coffee with drink as cock-tale as they are family and they will enjoy moment together.

Raman feels shameless and refuse to take drink and also not allow to Ishita. Ishita thinks that this is not right solution to ran away from frustrations and problems.

Really, Ishita is No. 1 Biwi and teach good lesson to her husband Raman.

credit tvkiduniya