Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2015 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita crying at the corner. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…….. Ashok sees her and spikes the drink. He bribes the waiter and asks him to come when he calls her. He goes to Ishita and she asks him to get lost. He calls the waiter and asks him to give cold drink to her. He asks her to have it, and leaves. The waiter gives her the drink and goes. She drinks it and starts getting dizzy. Ashok looks on and smiles. He says sorry, this had to happen, poor Ishita, your dad in law came to me and asked me not to see his home and their respect, now I will see Bhalla family, how will they react when they know what I did with their respect, hold on Ishita I m coming.

Raman asks Shweta about Mr Tandon, are they together or not? She says Mr. Tandon has big loss in business, he is a loser, and resting at home. Raman asks is man loser if money ends. She says yes, a man’s work is to give comfortable life to his wife. Raman asks will wife leaves him if he does not earn. She says he does not have right to make me suffer, I deserve the best, why are we discussing this, I have seen Jhakad’s guest room, lets go there. He asks is she mad, sorry. She says come on. He asks does she know what is she doing. She drags him. Ashok says I think Shweta did her work.

Ashok asks Jhakad for his bedroom’s keys, he has to use bathroom. Jhakad gives the keys. Raman’s old employee looks on. Ashok holds Ishita and she is lost in her total senses. She says leave me, and calls out Raman. He says I will take you, you will feel better and takes her. The guy sees this. Ashok brings Ishita to the room and makes her rest on the bed. He shuts the door and says leave Raman, Ashok is here. He sees her and smiles disgustingly. He says maybe you don’t know Ashok does not lose ever. He says Shweta will keep Raman busy there, and I will keep you busy here.

He messages Shweta. Raman asks Shweta did he not get Ashok. She reads Ashok’s message and acts cozy. Raman asks is she mad and moves her away. She says I can see you and Ishita are not together. He says your said I love you to Tandon on this day, he told me, he was talking just about you, how much he misses you, he loves you a lot. He says Tandon is a fool to love you, he does not know his wife left him, and makes her ashamed saying how much Tandon loves her and she is cheating such a good husband.

He says will you leave him if he don’t earn well, just to spend a night for me, what you want to prove, he madly loves you, think about him, I went through this, Shagun did not value our marriage. She cries and says she does not wish to hurt Tandon’s heart. He asks her to think what she was doing, he is lucky to get Ishita, think about Tandon, you are his life, and you call him a loser. I care for him, I will warn him about what his wife is doing. She stops him and cries.

Ashok removes his jacket and says Bhallas used to talk a lot about respect, what respect now, and applies perfume. He takes selfie with her and thinks to upload it later. He says he does not any disturbance, poor Raman his both wives’ names will be linked to me. Shagun comes there and slaps him. He asks what is she doing here. She slaps him many times. She starts scolding him and says you are worse than an animal, what were you doing, and deletes the pics. She kicks him out and shuts the door. Raman says I will call Tandon, you tell him that he got the job, you love him, I know you love him. He calls Tandon and makes her talk to Tandon.

Tandon takes the call and asks Shweta is she with Raman, maybe he came in party, how is he, is she getting bored. She says no. He says sorry to send you alone, I m jobless and no business, I did not wish to meet anyone. She says yes, Raman and Ishita are here, I spoke to Raman and told everything about our business in London, and about his job. He asks what did he say. She says you got the job by Raman. He says I can’t believe you did this for me, I love you. She says I love you too.

He asks him to make him talk to Raman, I told him that you love me, he would have seen this today. Raman signs her. She says Raman is not here. He says I m happy, I love you, thanks. She cries ending the call and thanks Raman, apologizing too for what she did. He says its okay and gives her kerchief. He asks her not to break trust, there are many lives linked with one marriage, you are lucky to get such lovely husband, don’t do such mistake again, I will arrange cab and drop you home.

Shagun slaps Ashok and scolds him. She says she will not let Ishita’s name ruin, how can he do this, I know Raman did good work, good people are related to him, and tells how that guy has informed her, after seeing Raman’s phone busy. She says Vivek has told me this, he was your employee and loyal to Raman, Raman respects everything. Ashok asks how did she come to room. She says you duffer, I took keys from Vivek, after he took it from Jhakad. She asks him not to be around Ishita again, just get lost. She slaps him again. Ashok fumes.

Ishita asks Raman where are they. Raman says thank Lord you know who is Raman, we are in hotel, see your state. She says I want to go home. He says you are not in state to go home. She stumbles and he holds her. They have an eyelock

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