Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2015 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2015 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2015 Written Update by Amena
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with family explaining the workers at home. Ishita talks to them and says she wanted to meet Raman’s workers, Raman said he will throw big party and invite their families too. She says its awkward to meet at this time, I m Dr. Ishita Bhalla, Raman’s wife, I m not a businessman, I don’t have experience, I just know this contract is not an ordinary one, its like for the country, its about manufacturing and supplying the juice for kids on 15th august, its just 4 days now and order should be completed. The men get angry and ask her why did she call them for hearing lecture, and she will not support them if they go against union. She says you worked with Raman, you think he will not support you, I don’t know the demands, Raman will understand, he is in hospital, if he can support you in problems, can’t you all stand for him?

She says I don’t know about union strike, ministry will take company license if this order is not completed, if there is no company, then what about demands, your job, earnings… does union guarantee to get another job for you? The man says you give good lecture, we won’t wish to work for your company. She says my work is my worship, I know the problem running in our company, its big challenge, you have knowledge about the work, if you support me or not, its alright, just take decision by your own wish, I request you to help for your company.

She cries and says you may be feeling like I m owner and begging to you, but this is not begging, you are our loved ones, this company is yours, just support this family. The man says we don’t think we can work with you and leaves. They all start leaving. Bhalla family worries. Ishita says I failed. Mr. Bhalla says no, my heart says everything will ne fine. Mrs. Bhalla starts laughing and says you can’t lose, see there. They see the workers coming back. The lady says you increased our respect by asking our help, I m with you. The men says we are also with you, we will complete this order. Ishita thanks them for trusting them. Mr. Bhalla asks Mishra to start the work in factory. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita and thanks Lord. She says she will send food for workers from home.

Romi says there is a problem. We have to send juice sample to ministry for approval. Ishita says she has an idea, and asks Mrs. Bhalla about calling colony ladies. Raman waits for everyone. Mihika comes and asks him to rest. He asks where is everyone. She says everyone is preparing for Shitija’s naming ceremony, relax and no stress. He says all sisters are mad. She asks what did he say. He says I know who is the most wisest sister in you all. He asks her to get a phone, he wants to talk to workers. She says I can’t help, Ishita kept your phone and laptop. He says Ishita is overreacting, I m fine, its imp project. A doctor comes to check him and Raman scolds him, sending him out.

Ishita serves juice to all the ladies and says she has called them for some work, Raman’s company got the order and tells them. She says she has to make sample, it should taste best, its for kids, like its unity in diversity, we want everyone should like it. They all give their suggestions. Romi notes it and goes. They give more suggestions on packaging. The ladies ask Mrs. Banerjee to make the logo, as she is graphic designer. The lady agrees. Pammi asks Ishita not to worry. She says she will support her and they are best examples of unity in diversity. Ishita says Raman will be happy.

The nurse talks to Manoj. The doctor tells about Raman. The nurse says he is a devil, don’t know when will he go. Manoj asks can I meet him? The nurse says fine, if you want to take risk. Manoj comes to Raman. Raman reacts angrily. Manoj says everyone wants to help you. Raman complains about doctors. Manoj says its first time a patient made a doctor cry, I m not your doctor, I came to handle any special case in this hospital. They introduce each other. Raman says I m not devil and bad mannered, I m troubling them to send me from here, I have imp project, I have to go, they caged me, think my problem.

Manoj says even I m in same situation and tells about his flat problem, he is sharing his flat with someone against his wish, the broker gave the same flat on rent to them, and run away with money, we both did deal to find a flat and shift, I don’t have time, so I m stuck. Raman says help me from going, and I will solve your problem. Manoj says you have to be here till you get fine. Raman says fine, I can help you. Manoj says you can help me by calling my roommate and talk as a broker to make her shift. Manoj says he will message the roommate’s number and help Raman too. Raman thanks him.

Mrs. Banerjee makes the logo of the product. They all clap. Chale Chalo………….plays……… The family, colony ladies and workers work together and get the juice packed and arranged. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to worry, its 2 days, they will finish the work in time. Romi arranges food for them and they all dine together. Ishita smiles seeing everyone. The ministry officials come and see the factory work going on. They are impressed seeing it.

Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Ishita working and asks her to have tea. She says Simmi is managing at home. Ishita says great, that’s why we are managing work here. Mr. Bhalla comes and talks to them. He says it will be memorable day tomorrow. Ishita thanks him. He says we all did this work. They wish everything goes fine.

Rinki asks Neelu about everyone. Neelu says everyone went with Ishita to complete the order. Rinki calls Suraj and asks him to stop Ishita from completing the order. Suraj tells Parmeet that they have to stop this order completion and plans to contaminate the juice. Parmeet says poor Raman and smiles….