Why Surrogacy Track Is Not Fitted In The Storyline? Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Rumours has it that Ekta Kapoor's Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will be introducing a surrogacy track in the storyline with Shagun once again becoming the mother of Raman's child. Here is what we have to say on this and why this track is not making sense according to the storyline.

Firstly, why would Raman and Ishita want another kid from Shagun when already they have a perfect family with a son and a daughter who's biological mother is Shagun herself. Its not that Raman and Ishita are desperate for a baby as their family is already completed, its that they are hoping for Ishita to conceive and give birth to a baby of her own. Not need for another kid if Ishita can't conceive, they have a better option to adopt a baby than going through this surrogacy as it would bear a lot of complications.

Also, Mrs Bhalla is not ranting for another son for the family as Romi is already a father of the second son of the family, so even Mrs Bhalla is not demanding or desperate for Ishita to give birth a male child why let Shagun be the mother of another baby of Raman's. Both of her son are a father of a male son so there is no chance of Mrs Bhalla crying over wanting the so-called 'waris' of the family. And such a dramatic character like Mrs Bhalla would also not have any problem with Raman and Ishita adopting a baby if she is not able to conceive.

Would not Ishita feel bad of becoming a mother to Shagun's child for the third time? If they show Ishita happily wanting Shagun to give birth to Raman's child then this show would be bring ahead of the reality that we are living in, as no wife would want her husband's ex to become the mother of her husband's child.

For every sense, this surrogacy track looks like a big flop and a illogical on. Its better for the maker to bring some fresh and realistic track in the storyline than opting for tracks that doesn't fit in the storyline.