New Trouble in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita continue to argue about the clothing. Raman asks her to wear whatever she likes. They continue their usual knok jhok. Ishita dresses in her south Indian saree and look to attend the function. Vandu and Bala are blessed with their daughter Shitija and they keep her naming ceremony. The families have double happiness when Mr. Bhalla announces Romi and Sarika’s marriage in Shitija’s naming ceremony. He says we have decided to keep Punjabi style grand marriage next week. Everyone hugs Romi and Sarika and congratulates them. They all have a good time in the naming ceremony. Abhishek comes there to meet Mihika and his entry brings a twist. He spots Sarika with Romi and gets shocked. Sarika gets tensed seeing him. He tells Sarika that he was finding her since long time and holds her hand to take her from there. A big twists will be coming in the marriage.

credit telllyreviews