Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler News

Good news for fans as Ranveer and Ishaani will not die in the show, and they will return back safely to their house.

But bad news is that Ranveer and Ritika's marriage preparations have started with mehendi function. Ishani decides to leave the house after getting insulted and divorced by Ranveer. She couldn't see his marriage functions anymore. Ritika asks Ishani to stay during her functions to make her feel jealous. Ritika started her drama with Amba. She asks Amba to grind the mehendi leaves, so that mehendi will get dark on her hands. Ritika tries to win Ranveer's heart by making him eat the food made by her. They don't ask Ishani to have food. Ishani has become single again and Ranveer is on the verge of marrying Ritika. Ishani leaves the house with her baggage while Ranveer looks on angrily. She looks at him with teary eyed.

Credit tellyreviews