BIG Twist in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

image credit: fuzionproduction
Ranvir asks Ishani to give him divorce. He says she acted to lose memory and now she has tortured him by calling those women to insult his family, she can’t be loyal to anyone. He says she has hurt Ritika and make her lose the baby. He has come to know about her fake memory loss and got very angry. She tries explaining him and says she won’t give the divorce. He says she does not have any option. She says you can’t force me and pushes him. He is angry that she has always lied to him and feels she has cheated him again. He wants to make her leave from home, being unable to see Amba facing people’s taunts. Ranvir wants to make Ishani leave from his life now, when he was after her always since his childhood. Ranvir says there are no feelings for Ishani now.

credit tellyexpress