New twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is coming up with another twist after the fire and earthquake drama! Apparently Adi who recently accepted Ishita as his mother will soon start hating her!
ishita aadiWe all know that the earthquake scene revealed Shagun's true identity to Adi. Shagun's act of abandoning her children during the earthquake made Adi realise her selfish nature.

In simple words Adi explained Shagun that she is not his mother anymore and Ishita aunty is now his Ishima.
ishita-21Seeing the entire family together, Shagun too decided to walk away for good.
We have now got this information that in the upcoming episode, a new couple with a daughter will enter the show. Couple's daughter will join Adi's school and Adi will start developing a crush on her.
There will be a sequence where Adi will be invited to a party; thereafter he will seek his mother Ishita's consent.
Ishita will happily allow the boy to go to the birthday party along with friends. But after that something will happen that will change Adi's mind for Ishita.
Actually Ishita goes to the same party to pick Adi which embarrasses him, as she is the only mother who comes to pick his son. Adi's friend will start teasing him that he is still a kid. Also the girl he likes will start making fun of him which will irk the Bhalla boy.
Apparently he will lash out at Ishita for treating him like a kid and asks her to give him some personal space.
This incident will leave Ishita heartbroken as her darling daughter Ruhi never argued with her. How will Ishita react to this? Will she complain to Raman about his son's behaviour?

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