Family reunited and Shagun leaves in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

High voltage drama awaits the viewers of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh  Hai Mohabbatein …..
As per the current track, Ashok plans for Shagun’s trip to Australia.Ashok tells Shagun that he will accompany her for moral support. Simran tells Raj that Raman and his wife have not consummated their relationship.Sujata asks Subbu to be careful while dealing with Ishita as it is difficult to hide the truth from her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to try some new hairstyles.
Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ishita will find that the kids are missing. Here Ashok and Shagun will hire a person, where he will go and will tell Raman that the kids have been kidnapped so that Raman wont doubt Shagun for this but Ishita will find some clue about the kids whereas Shagun will get the kids to Mihir’s house or some guest house. In the house Ruhi will starts getting paranoid saying where is my mom ( mumma kaha hai). Henceforth, To keep Ruhi quite Shagun will go to make hot chocolate for her.
Shagun will go to the kitchen and will switch the gas knob just then she will get a call from Ishita  . Shagun will get paranoid and will stop her down only and  will go to meet her without realizing that gas knob is still on. She will leave the house and will come down and soon a  tremor will be felt. With the  tremor the pillar will fall down and entry into the building will get little difficult and here because of this  tremor Ruhi  will get scared and Adi will tell her “don’t worry Ruhi I am getting your chocolate shake.
Adi will go to kitchen where the knob is on (which nobody know) he will pick the match stick and will light the gas. Soon in the exterior of the building (on the 6th floor)  blast take place , Here Shagun and Ishita are down and as the blast happens they will turn back ,Shagun will say “shit the children “ while seeing this Ishita will run up and Shagun  will go to call the fire brigade .
Ishita will run up and she will see Ruhi scared  ( she has closed the kitchen door), Ishita will move Ruhi away and she will then open the kitchen’s door and will see Adi has bruised himself and his shirt has torn and as well as fainted.
Ishita will go and will pick up Adi ,she will bring him out and will close the door, Ishita will gets the kids down and soon earthquake takes place , she will manage to throw Adi and Ruhi out after knowing about the earthquake, Raman will also  come over there and will see Ishita lying under the building and everyone will assume that Ishita is probably dead but after few minutes Ishita will show some movement by putting her hand down.
Meanwhile Shagun will see Ishita, Raman, Adi and Ruhi are together and sees them as a family and then Adi  will come near Shagun and will tell her that “you used me again and see what happened” and then will say you are really not a mother and this is where Shagun makes an exit from everyone's life.

Credit: tellyexpress